5 Burger Grilling Tips From The Pros

There’s no better time for a hot and juicy burger than a sweltering summer’s day. But if you find yourself hosting the holiday BBQ this year, you’ll need to know how to cook your burgers right. Want to impress your friends and neighbors will dem' grill skills? Just follow these 5 pro tips and you’ll be on your way to making perfect burgers in no time.

1. Use High Quality Meat

No matter how you prepare it, the wrong beef can make or break your burger. The tastiest, juiciest burgers are the ones with a good lean to fat ratio. Beef that’s too lean will be tough and dry, so you’ll want to look for meat with a fat content of at 20-30%... Something like our American Kobe Burgers should do the trick. Even if you’re trying to watch your weight, some healthy fat in your burger is still good thing!

2. Keep It Simple

When it comes to the perfect burger, less is more. You don’t need to pack your patties with onion, garlic, and every seasoning under the sun – at that point, you’re not making burgers, you’re making meatloaf! The classic flavor you want is in the fat, but do season with some salt and pepper.

3. Timing Is Everything

What difference does it make if you season your beef a minute or an hour before you put it on the grill? A huge difference, actually – as soon as you shake out the salt, the proteins in the meat begin to break down. While it doesn’t have a huge impact on flavor, it affects the texture of the meat, making it tougher. For the best burger, wait until the moment just before they’re placed on the grill to add salt.

4. Make a Small Indentation In Each Patty

Before you put fresh burgers on the grill, use your finger to make a small indentation in each raw patty, like you’re making thumbprint cookies. As your burgers cook, this will help the juices pool towards the center rather than slipping and dripping off the edges.

5. Only Flip Once

It can be tempting to flip your burgers over and over again and squash them down with the spatula to hear them sizzle, but both of these are huge do-nots in the world of grilling.

Patience and self-control are the most important qualities in a grilling master. Pressing down on your burgers will squeeze out the juices and leave you with dry, tasteless patties. Flipping a patty too soon interrupts the searing process. Just like how a pancake flipped too soon can’t become the golden flapjack of your dreams, a burger flipped before it’s time won’t be able to cook properly. An early flip can also cause your meat to fall apart, so play it safe and limit yourself to one flip per burger (two at most).